Conditions générales de vente et d'utilisation


In these General Terms and Conditions the following definitions shall apply:
« Supplier » means our company Les Caprices Parisiens Prod as a french supplier which depends to french legislation of law 1901.
« Company » means the partner which is going to promote and sell the supplier's offers (Les Caprices Parisiens Prod offers).
« Contract Rates » means the amount to be paid to the supplier for services.
« Force Majeure Event » means an event beyond the reasonable control of the Supplier including but not limited to an act of God, war, terrorist attack, flood, earthquake or other natural or man-made disaster which adversely affects the city or country where the Supplier is located.
« Guest(s) » means the end user who was, is or will ultimately use the services of the Supplier thanks to the Company.
« Validity Period » means the validity period for the Contract Rates which is mutually agreed between the parties from time to time.
« Product » or « Offer » is the service proposed by the Supplier. Each product is detailed by the Supplier and validated by the Company.
«CCS» is the abbreviation for the offer called by Supplier « CAPRICES CABARET SHOW »

« CCS » is a typical Parisian Revue composed by more than 10 dance sets on stage, with more than 8 artists, more than 70 costumes, with famous French Live songs, and sets of juggles. It includes also the typical French Cancan set. The photos provided by the Supplier to facilitate sales expose the quality of the costumes and the level of professionalism of its artists.
The duration of these sets is around 1hour and 10mn. The hours below are the hours that the show begins. Guest(s) are invited to present themselves 30mn before the show starts. Thanks to that, Guest(s) may discover some Cabaret's Secrets (make-up, rehearsals, warm-up, costumes set up).
After 1hour and 10mn of stage show, only Guest(s) of the 1st class seats may take pictures (with their own photo cameras) with costumed artists on stage. It is agreed that these pictures are only for personnal use and could not, in any case, be used for commercial use, communication purposes, or anything else that could not be for a ' personal souvenir '. The supplier has and keeps the copyrights of its artists. Moreover, photos and video cameras are totally forbidden during the show.
For the respect of all the Guest(s), the Supplier has the right to limit the number of pictures taken. The purpose is to avoid that a Guest(s) take too much time by taking too much pictures and disturb the other Guest(s).

To order/book/buy ticket(s) one or many tickets, there is 2 ways :
the Supplier provides a weblink with a password to the Company. Online, the Company choose date(s), session(s) and category(ies). The Company pays online directly on the website to be sure of availabilities. Automatically, the Company receives a bill with the confirmation(s) of its purchases. In that case, the Company has to fill out the order correctly by indicating the name(s) of the Guest(s). Thanks to that, when the Guest(s) comes for the « CCS »,

When a Guest(s) order/book/buy ticket(s) to the Company for the « CCS », and that the Company send an order to the Supplier, and if the Supplier is able to honored the offer CCS, it is agreed that a purchase in non refundable.
The Supplier has the responsibility to check that the Guests' ticket matches with the identification informations sent by the Company to the Supplier. The Supplier cannot be responsible if the Guests' ticket does not match with the Company's order sent to the Supplier.

The prices below includes the French VAT and several legal french taxes. The Supplier is not responsible of any other kind of taxes which belongs to the Company and/or Guest(s) in their country.
It is agreed that prices below are special prices for the Company. The Supplier proposes to the Company to apply a commission rate of 30% without counting its local taxes. In a strictly confidential way and if the Company agreed, the Company is invited to inform the Supplier of what is or will be the Public Price (including commission(s) and taxe(s) which belong to the Company).
The CCS is sold by ticket at the Company at these prices :
1st Class, front of the stage, leather seats, with a special access after the show on the stage for photocall with costumed artist – Price is 29€ per person French VAT included
2nd Class, at the balcony, on classic seats – Price is 19€ per person French VAT included
The Supplier will inform the Company if there's gonna have an increasing.

Supplier is not responsible for any bank charges which belongs to the Company. The Company pays the invoice's amounts according to the « CCS » rates validated by the two parties.

This Contract & General Terms of Business, including Prices & Rates, is available from the moment the 2 parties sign it. The Validity Period is unlimited. The Supplier is agree with the Company to inform a minimum of 15 days before if Supplier want to stop the partnership.

In case of Force Majeure, which disturb the Supplier's production, the Supplier shall inform the Company as soon as possible. In case of Force Majeure, the Supplier cannot be financially liable and will not have to refund the Company or Guest(s).

The Supplier assures that its staff comply with decent and professional Code of Conduct. The Supplier assures a professional staff and a professional security service from the begining to the end of the offer CCS. The Supplier assures that he provides a professional security staff with its own official certifacte of security service.

The Supplier assures that it has the insurances to produce the offer CCS. The Supplier assures that the security service is an official and professional company and is permitted to execute a such responsibility. The Supplier has insurance policies at an adequate level of cover.

The Company could not engage the Supplier's responsibility if a Guest(s) has a non decent attitude, a disrespectful behavior towards women or men artists, towards other Guest(s), towards supplier's staff. If a Guest(s) contribute to hurt himself or contribute to hurt an other person, the Supplier could not be responsible. Moreover, photos and video cameras are totally forbidden during the show.


LES CAPRICES PARISIENS Prod is an association which respects French legislation. As a business company, it has articles of activity, including rules about being adherent :

An adherent member LES CAPRICES PARISIENS PROD, approved by its office and being major, can be a person, an association or a company that respects the purposes of ​​LES CAPRICES PARISIENS PROD. A member has no decision-making power or voting on the desktop or the Assembly.

LES CAPRICES PARISIENS purposes : « it participates in cultural development by living scenic activities and event organization for the promotion of Culture, Arts and French history, it may operate at national and international level. »

To promote the achievement of purposes that has been set by the association, LES CAPRICES PARISIENS PROD undertakes the promotion of events that it produces and undertakes to comply with the french law by allowing access to members (individuals, associations or companies) and enforce legislation in the context of combined productions.

The quality of adherent member is lost by resignation or dismissal by the Bureau. In case of resignation, the adherent member inform LES CAPRICES PARISIENS PROD simply by email with no delay of application. In case of dismissal, LES CAPRICES PARISIENS PROD informs the adherent by email. The dismissal is apply after a delay of 30 days from the email's date.


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